Pornstar Martini - Set of 2

Pornstar Martini Cocktail Kit

Pornstar Martini - Set of 2


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The modern classic forged in the heart of London. Ketel 1 vodka, passionfruit liqueur, vanilla syrup, fresh lime and passionfruit puree. Shaken and served with a shot of chilled prosecco on the side.

ABV 19%

Ingredients only:
2 x 50ml Ketel 1 vodka
1 x 60ml passionfruit puree
1 x 20ml passionfruit liqueur
1 x 20ml vanilla syrup
1 x whole lime
1 x 200ml prosecco

Equipment included:
2 x 50ml Ketel 1 vodka1 x 60ml passionfruit puree1 x 20ml passionfruit liqueur1 x 20ml vanilla syrup1 x whole lime1 x 200ml prosecco1 x 3 piece cocktail shaker1 x 25ml/50ml jigger measure